OrtoCanis Hip Dysplasia brace

OrtoCanis Hip Dysplasia brace

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The hip brace for dogs provides support, warm and slight compression to the joints and muscles in the hips and lower back. It is appropriate for active dogs of all ages who suffer from arthritis, mild to moderate hip dysplasia, decreased endurance during activity, hip painlow back pain or weakness and back leg limping. It is suitable for dogs recovering from surgery or injury and older dogs who have difficulty getting around. Once the dog got used to the hip brace, it can be used all day long and taken off during the night.


Indications for use

  • Mild to moderate hip dysplasia
    •Decreased endurance during activity
    •Hip pain
    •Low back pain/weakness
    •Back leg limping or fatigue

Note: As with all dog care devices - Check with your veterinarian. This product is NOT recommended for DM (Degenerative Myelopathy).


Size Chest Weight

48 - 63 cm

19 - 24 inches

4,5 - 11 kg

55 - 75 cm

21 - 29,5 inches

11 - 31 kg

69 - 96 cm

27 - 37,5 inches

31 - 46 kg