Milo Dog leg wraps

Milo Dog leg wraps

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Leg guards for dogs, with Welltex® technology.

Shin guards with reflective Welltex® technology. The pads can relieve discomfort for dogs with arthritis, osteoarthritis or damage to ligaments and tendons. They can also provide extra support in recovery after surgery and injury.

The entire inside of the wrap is lined with Welltex® to reflect the dog's body heat as infrared energy. It can stimulate blood circulation in the leg, which can be helpful during recovery.

The protectors are adjustable for an optimal fit and are easily fastened around the wrist with double-sided Velcro. The design is anatomically adapted to the dog's leg and does not put pressure on the pea bone.

Airy 3D mesh provides extra breathability and ensures a high level of comfort.


Sold in pairs


  • Welltex® technology

  • Adjustable fit

  • May help with recovery

  • Easy to put on and fasten with Velcro



XS: Circumference above paw 6-7 cm, height 7 cm

S: Paw circumference 8-10 cm, height 8.5 cm

M: Paw circumference 11-13 cm, height 10 cm

L: Paw circumference 14-16 cm, height 14 cm 

XL: Paw circumference 17-21 cm, height 18cm


The product should be kept clean for maximum effect. The minerals that give the effect are woven into the material and cannot be washed or worn away. Always follow the washing instructions on the label of the product.

Hand wash only. Air dry on a flat surface. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Do not dry clean. Do not iron. Do not tumble dry.