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Elbow Brace

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We are proud of the results we have achieved with our Elbow Brace, particularly in regard to carpal tunnel, "tennis elbow", and general tendonitis, an ailment which has become increasingly prevalent since the advent of computers. Back on Tracks, trade-mark Welltex ceramic fabric has proven very effective against pain caused by inflammation, and the elbow joint is a common site of such problems. The elbow brace can also be effective on more chronic problems, even those requiring cortisone injections.

Tip:  In choosing an elbow brace, it is suggested to opt for firm fitting size, as pressure is beneficial in recovery from this type of tendonitis. 

"I could not have sorted out my injured elbow without Back on Track's elbow brace. I really felt that the brace increased the blood circulation, and I use it now to prevent injury and for quicker recovery after exercise. They are nice and smooth, they don't get in the way, they breathe and don't sweat"     Henrik Nilsson, Olympic Gold Medallist, K2 canoe 1000m

Fabric: Black - 100% Welltex polypropylene ceramic textile ; Grey: 50% cotton 50% Welltex polyester ceramic textile. Sizing: Measure the circumference of the arm, 8cm above the bend of the elbow. Machine washable to 30 degrees on a gentle cycle using regular detergent. No bleach or fabric softener. Air dry. Do not tumble dry. 



Extra-Small: 26-28cm

Small: 28-30cm

Medium: 30-32cm

Large: 32-34cm

Extra-Large: 34-36cm