Royal Hock Boots Deluxe
Royal Hock Boots Deluxe

Royal Hock Boots Deluxe

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Hock protection for horses with Welltex® technology. 

In the new deluxe version of our classic boots, great care has been taken with the fit. The protection is more anatomically snug and fits better around the leg - with the least possible pressure on tendons, muscles and nerves. They also go higher up the leg and have a more rounded contour.

The boots have a thick inner pad with soft edges for the best possible comfort. The boots are provided with three velcro straps, where the middle one is designed with a two-part elastic band to avoid pressure on the joint. The inner pad can be easily removed when washing and attached to the outer part with Velcro.

The protection is lined with Welltex® technology that reflects body heat in the form of long-wave infrared energy. It can stimulate blood circulation in the area and relieve discomfort with stiffness, inflammation and osteoarthritis. The hock boots are suitable for use while resting in the stable or during transport.


Top of the brace - Above the hock
Small 45cm      -    Medium 47cm    -    Large 50cm    - X Large 53cm

Middle point of the brace - Around the hock
Small 38cm      -    Medium 41cm    -    Large 53cm    - X Large 55cm

Bottom of the brace - Below the hock
Small 36cm      -    Medium 36cm    -    Large 38cm    - X Large 38cm