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Bed Sheets

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Comfortable sheets that will help you maximize recovery.

Our sheets help regulate body temperature for a more comfortable sleep during both hot and cold nights. Welltex® technology is woven into the threads of the fabric and can relieve problems with back pain, stiffness, inflammation, rheumatism and osteoarthritis. The material reflects body heat as infrared energy, something that can stimulate blood circulation and contribute to good muscle and joint health.

The bedding from Back on Track works well during both summer and winter as the technology is temperature regulating with good breathability.

  • Welltex® technology

  • Helps regulate body temperature

  • Can relieve problems with stiffness, inflammation and wear and tear

  • Can be combined with our mattress pad, pillows and other products

  • Can be used in conjunction with standard mattresses and duvets


White 150x260cm