Bark Dog Rug
Bark Dog Rug
Bark Dog Rug

Bark Dog Rug

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A dog blanket for everyday adventures!

Bark has a completely new type of design that provides the best possible freedom of movement for the front legs. The rug is designed for dogs with a high tail insertion, the length can therefore be adjusted if necessary and adjusted with an elastic drawstring above the tail.

The rug has a soft and elastic outer fabric with water and wind repellent properties and good breathability. The collar is well formed and has a drawstring that prevents rain and snow from entering. The inside of the rug is lined with Iontex® technology to stimulate blood circulation, which can help the dog maintain an optimal body temperature and keep muscles flexible in any weather. 

Bark has a comfortable and close fit across the chest, with a quick and easy buttoning of the breastplate with a buckle on the back. Velcro fasteners on the sides ensure that it stays firmly in place without twisting. The rug is visible from all angles with reflective details and a hidden reflective pattern for extra safety in the dark. There are openings for attaching the leash to the necklace or harness.

  • Iontex® technology

  • Designed for movement

  • Water and wind repellent (vatten pillar: 3000 mm)

  • Good spirit function (3000 g/m2/d)

  • Un-taped seams

  • Openings for the leash for the necklace or harness

  • Adjustable fit

  • Adjustable length

  • Reflective details and patterns