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Sponsored Groups:


Back on Track New Zealand is a Super 5 League Sponsor for Dressage New Zealand. 

The 2020-21 Super 5 League comprises a points series in each island at all graded Levels Preliminary to Grand Prix (top 5 points only to count) plus an island final at both the South Island Festival of Dressage and the Waikato Kiwi Arena Rakes Premier League (North Island Championships).  National Super 5 rankings will be determined from % in each level at both these events. 

Back on Track New Zealand sponsors Chelsey and her athletic range of canine friends. To help them perform their best when out and about competing and at shows.

Ultimate Canines' shows can be customised to fit in with the space you have available, and also any themes that you may be following.
We can also adapt our performances to fit in with your curriculum.


Sponsored Riders:

Oliver Croucher




Chloe Hansen

Show-Jumping & Show Hunter


Lucy Fell



Toni Louisson