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Gloves (Pair)

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The Back on Track Unisex Gloves are one of our most unique and popular products. They have helped many people with pain in their hands (such as rheumatoid arthritis), as well as sufferers of extremely poor circulation (Reynauds) in their fingers. As Back on Track depends on body heat to function, people suffering from poor circulation, or Reynauds, can improve their efficacy by either wearing another pair of normal gloves over the top, or pre-warming their hands. The gloves are 100% polyester, therefor we recommend wearing work gloves, or similar, over the Back on Track gloves, if you wish to use them outdoors. Sold only in pairs. Measurement is across the back of the knuckles. Size guide: XS 5-6cm; S 6-7cm; M 7-8cm; L 8-9cm XL 9-10cm

Tip: We also sell a soft calf-skin leather glove (without Welltex fabric) which easily fits over the Back on Track gloves and protects them from being damaged. These are available in either mens or womens sizes, and in black or tan.

Fabric: 100% Welltex polyester ceramic textile. Machine washable to 30 degrees on gentle cycle using regular detergent. No bleach or fabric softener. Air dry only. Do not tumble dry.

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