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Knee Brace - Standard

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Inflammation causes or contributes to knee pain. When you have arthrosis of the knee, pain emanates from inflammation in the surrounding capsule, as the damaged cartilage itself does not have any nerve supply. The only way to regenerate the cartilage is by exercise, which is much more tolerable and achievable once inflammation and pain has been diminished.

The Back on Track standard Knee Brace is tubular in design, very smooth and easy to wear.  It is much appreciated by the elderly, and others who choose a sedentary lifestyle. The standard style knee brace has a low profile and is perfect for wearing under slim fitting clothing.  It is kept in place by an elasticised ring in both the upper and lower edges.

"Being able to get injured players back to the team as soon as possible, is a task which all top teams are struggling with. In January 2008 we started using Back on Track products, and I can say without hesitation that Back on Track has become an integral part  in the injury rehabilitation process. We have used the knee braces on a variety of knee injuries with very good results. Inflammation, pain and swelling disappeared much faster than normal."                                                                                                                          Mats Book, masseur and rehab manager, Mjallby AIF

Fabric; Black - 100% Welltex polypropylene ceramic textile; Grey - 50% cotton 50% Welltex polyester ceramic textile. Measure the circumference of the thigh, 12cm (4.5 inches) above the centre of the knee. Machine washable to 30 degrees on gentle cycle using regular detergent. No bleach or fabric softener. Air dry only. Do not tumble dry.

Limited Sizes available, for a full size range of knee braces see the Physio knee brace or the Knee brace with Adjustable straps. click the pictures at the bottom of the page. 


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