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New Product - Scandic Leg Wraps

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 WE SALUTE SCANDIC - exciting new release.

Over the years, Patrik Kittel and his horse Scandic competed and trained successfully together as a team. To be able to perform at their peak over a long period, they have both been using Back on Track products.

As a result of our long partnership, Back on Track® has developed the Scandic PK pads in cooperation with Patrik and Scandic.
The pads are sewn in channels, having the inner textile lined with our unique Welltex® fabric, which gives the horse an increased circulation whilst maintaining ventilation. The outer layer of stretch terry makes the pad easier to form around the horse’s legs, without risks of wrinkles or spinning around.
The pads come in 30 x 40cm, 40 x 40cm and 50 x 50cm sizes, and can be used during training and transportation. They are ideal as supportive stable bandaging to keep your horse in optimal condition.

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