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Sore No-More Performance Poultice 5lb

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Sore No-More® Performance Poultice brings you our "Master of Muds" poultice in the Performance formula.

Sore No-More® Performance Poultice gives you the same coveted, cooling clay poultice with no added lobelia and, as with the traditional Sore No-More® products, no added capsaicin.

Sore No-More®Performance Poultice contains our silky smooth, non-irritating clay formula that is ideal for competitors under FEI regulation.

Sore No-More® Performance Poultice can be used on legs or as a unique hoof packing to draw heat and inflammation. Sore No-More® Performance Poultice can be used anywhere on the body and our special combination of bentonite clays and Sore No-More Performance Liniment are easily applies. Sore No-More®Performance Poultice goes on evenly and smoothly and comes off just as easily. Our formula is so smooth that you only need a thin layer, making a bucket go a long way.

For guidelines and helpful hints on making poulticing as easy as possible, visit and click on Cooling Clay Poultice in the "Products" link.

Ingredients: Bentonite (Bowie Type Clay) Sore No-More Liniment solution consisting of an all-natural proprietary blend of Witch Hazel, Arnica Montana, Rosemary, Lavender and Lobelia


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