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Classic Leg Wrap (Pair)

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The Classic Leg Wrap is designed for everyday stable and paddock use, and applied using regular, breathable, stable bandages. 

This popular wrap is used as a general maintenance wrap for reducing inflammation and swelling, and increasing circulation through the lower limb and hoof area. The Classic Leg Wraps have been proven to effectively relieve problems with swollen legs, tendons and soft tissue injuries. 

They are also used as a pre-competition wrap to reduce the risk of injury. 

Sold in pairs. Available in  40 x 40cm.

Tip: When using pre-competition, apply the wraps for at least two hours prior to competing. In this way, your horses legs will be clean and tight, any inflammation will be alleviated, and the risk of injury or further injury will be reduced.  

Fabric: 100% Welltex polypropylene ceramic textile.

"Bloody good ! That's it in a nutshell if ever queried about Back on Track. I've had great success treating various ailments with these products, and believe me, I've tried all sorts of remedies on my horses over the years. The results are obvious....end of story".......Michael Whitaker

Back on Track products can be machine washed at 30°C with a mild detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Do not tumble dry as it will destroy the product. Do not iron in excess of 50°C.

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