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Back Warmer

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The Back Warmer is a versatile garment.

This heavy duty pad is designed for use under a standard stable or padddock cover, or by itself, for horses needing the benefits of Back on Track ceramic fiber therapy over the saddle and back area.

It is perfect for use pre-competition, pre-training, or overnight under your horses cover. Ideal for horses suffering muscle tension, tie-up, arthritic changes, saddle soreness or just general fatigue. 

It is attached by using the hook and loop strap along the centre of the garment, or by using the surcingle keepers. This is the perfect product if you have a large stable of horses, as it will fit horses of all sizes.

Royal Back Warmer. This new model is shaped for the horses back to allow space for the wither. The Welltex fabric offers therapeutic relief for aching and tired backs, muscle strain, cold backs etc, always keeping the muscles supple and warm, and increasing your horses wellbeing. It has a surcingle keeper on both sides for girth fitting and a fillet string for under the tail. Every stable should have at least one of these versatile back warmers in their kit

Tip: There is a correlation between quality of movement and performance. Back flexibility is essential. When using pre-competition, ensure application at least two hours prior to competing. In this way your horses back will be loose and supple, and any stress or tension will be alleviated. Each stable should have at least one Back Warmer to take with them to competitions.

"Bloody good ! That's it in a nutshell if ever queried about Back on Track. I've had great success treating various ailments with these products, and believe me, I've tried all sorts of remedies on my horses over the years. The results are obvious....end of story".......Michael Whitaker

Fabric: 100% Welltex polypropylene ceramic textile.

Back on Track products can be machine washed at 30°C with a mild detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Do not tumble dry as it will destroy the product. Do not iron in excess of 50°C

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