Some of the great comments we have received from users of our products throughout New Zealand...

 Just wanted to let you know that I am in love with my BOT mesh cover.  Honestly, this is the best purchase Ive made in a long time and I can definitely feel the difference in my horse after he’s been wearing it.  Thanks so much. Jenny Hunt

Hi there,   I am writing to let you know about my success story. 4 years ago my lovely 3yr old was kicked in the forearm, causing a compound spiral fracture. We would not simply take this news lying down, so we set about saving her, with the hope that I would be able to use her as a very nice broodmare (she is by Heroicity). Thankfully she was as determined as us, even in the dark times she was a fighter. I relied on your products, both Sore No More and Back on Track wraps for all her legs as she went through 10 weeks on cross ties. Long story short, 4yrs down the track and 2 lovely foals later, Diva has now joined my show team. She has began her jumping career and shows talent as a top Show Hunter. I rely on your products to ensure she is always pain free. She is 100% sound, not a day of lameness since she left the stall. After jumping I use SORE NO MORE and wrap her front legs with Back on Track up to her armpits due to where the break was. I prefer the pillow wraps, but I do not have enough to use them all round, so she uses my quick wraps. I also love your blankets and rotate the two I have around my team of 3. I love your products and do not go without them. I want to say thank you for helping me save my baby. Charelle Marshall, Edgewater Farm.

   "Just thought you'd like to know - my horse had a fall in the float from a right hand turn when she slipped, and hasn't coped well with right hand turns since. I have had to nurse her around them when I drive.

Since receiving the Back on Track "halter cover", I have floated her with it on twice now and she has shown a vast improvement and I believe the "halter cover" has really had a calming influence! Love it thanks!"... Lenore McIvor

"When you get an 8 year old gelding with "supposedly" broken down front legs, it is definitely a gamble. But despite his age, Skip Bo is racing in the best form of his career. At one point I remember his legs were the same width from his knee right to his hoof. Grandad was persistent and decided to try Back on Track bandages. Remarkably, these worked a treat. Skip Bo was soon running around with my thoroughbreds and showed no signs of discomfort. Skip Bo has re-entered the racing game with a vengeance, and has won 3 of his 11 starts" Reprinted from New Zealand Harness Weekly

I bought a set of Back on Track quickwraps, a fleece rug and some Sore No More gelotion about a month ago. These products were brought solely as a preventative measure as my horse is 18.2hh and still growing. Anything that can help him is well worth my time and money. I did a lot of research before purchasing the products and was happy with what I found out. I am totally ecstatic about how well they have been working. My horse's legs were good before, but the tendons are now lovely and tight thanks to the quickwraps. There is no swelling in the fetlocks after hard work and he generally seems more fluent and happy in his movement. He wears his rug while he is groomed each morning for an hour which is really helping decrease my warm-up time, while still achieving the same results. He goes straight to work and is in a much better frame of mind from square one. He certainly seems more willing to lift his back and achieves self carriage much earlier in the ride (this is a young horse by the way). He has also been enjoying daily massages with the gelotion which he looks forward to as a reward to his hard work. So thank you, I will certainly be recommending these products to friends and family...Louise

I just thought I would email and say how much we love your products. We are owner trainers of thoroughbred race horses and have been using your products since November 08 after I was given the recommendation from our equine physio, I now have a huge box of Back On Track goodies which I have purchased from John Earl Saddlery in Winton. I am a big fan of the fleece rugs, our horses wore them throughout the summer, and helped our main horse Peter Porter recover from racing and be able to race three times in 14 days on the West Coast circuit, he won his first race and was 2nd in the other two races. I noticed a big difference in muscle tightness, soreness and general wear and tear horses getting from galloping on hard ground. Our steeplechaser Ice Pack was brought down in a race at Riccarton on Thursday 4th June, after a session with the physio he had his back on track rug, hock boots, quick wraps, and knee boots on and he came out of the box the next day showing no signs of stiffness or any affects of the huge fall he had. I have recommended your products to lots of people as I believe they are the best product on the market and just love the them. Many Thanks... Emma and Greg Wright, Winton


Since using the Back on Track Backwarmer, there has been an unbelievable change in the ponies' personality, going from tense and fractious to relaxed and easy to manage....Sandra Wright, Dannevirke


A friend of mine has a Back on Track wrap for bowed tendons. He has described it as a miracle for his horse with very badly bowed tendon and was looking at retirement. The horse has won two from four starts this time in work...Kirk Bourne, Tasmania


Just wanted to let you know that I am in love with my BOT mesh cover.  Honestly, this is the best purchase Ive made in a long time and I can definitely feel the difference in my horse after he’s been wearing it.  Thanks so much..... Jenny Hunt
After 6 months of trying every single pro and prebiotic available commercially in N.Z., vet consultations, herbalists, etc., etc., etc. in trying to cure one of my horses of an obvious but seemingly un-diagnosable/detectable intestinal disorder, in desperation I hit the internet to see what advice I could get.  One of the vets who writes articles for the American website Equisearch recommended Equilite's "PrePro" for  horses suffering from very loose, cow-paddy type stools.  Having been a long-time devotee of the Sore No More range, I figured it was definitely worth a try since Equilite certainly seemed to know what they were doing.
I purchased PrePro and started my horse on a double dose as soon as it arrived.  Three days later I start seeing a MAJOR improvement, and after one week I've been able to reduce the dose to the one scoop per day recommendation because she's completely back to normal  AND I'M ABSOLUTELY THRILLED AND GRATEFUL!!!!!!  I certainly "wasted" far more than the purchase price over the months and months of trying to find a solution, so I now consider it cheap at the price and will always have some on hand.
Thank you SO, SO very much for making these outstanding products available here.
Corey B. Mindlin