Equilite Botanical Blends and Sore No-More

As a compliment to the Back on Track range, we are the Australasian distributors of Equilite products from the USA. Equilites Sore No-More has twice been voted "Product of the Year" by the US Horse Journal.  It is regarded as "the coolest liniment on the market". Equilites range of award winning holistic animal health and herbal blends can help manage your horse's attitude and natural lifestyle.  As a proud member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), Equilite takes their business seriously and so should you!  From the recreational horse owner, to an aspiring Olympic champion, or a dedicated equine professional, bringing your horse "back to it's roots" means utilising simple, proven and effective strategies to gain that upper edge.

It is our genuine belief that, by combining these two great brands, Back on Track and Equilite, we can provide all that is required for enhanced equine performance and pleasure.


Botanical Animal

from NZ$39.90


Equilite Bleeders Blend 4lb



Equilite Citrus C/Q



Equilite Equinacea



Equilite Fly Away Garlic

from NZ$89.90


Equilite Four Hoofs



Equilite Garli+C



Equilite PreProbiotics



Equilite Relax Blend 2lb



Equilite Relax Blend Valerian Free 4lb



Equilite RelaxHer 2lb



Sore No-More Classic GeLotion



Sore No-More Massage Shampoo

from NZ$29.90


Sore No-More Performance Gelotion

from NZ$69.90


Sore No-More Performance Liniment

from NZ$69.90


Sore No-More Performance Poultice 5lb



Sore No-More Performance ULTRA Gelotion

from NZ$49.90


Sore No-More Performance ULTRA Liniment

from NZ$49.90